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Leveling the Playing Field

By Tony Kratofil –

Roughly two years ago, I gathered together a group of union members, non-profit and business representatives and public sector employees to form a partnership. The intent of this partnership was something I hold near and dear to my heart; to find a way to increase the opportunity for Detroit residents to enter the ever-changing field of construction. We needed a new and improved model for workforce development that provided essential pre-apprenticeship training to unemployed adults. Furthermore, we needed a platform to allow interested individuals a clear pathway into construction skilled trades. Today, along with all members of the partnership, I couldn’t be more proud about the launch of web site. Continue reading

Get on Board!

By Terrance Hicks – 

As one of the great urban centers in the world, we are on the cusp of a transportation revolution in the city of Detroit. The underpinnings of the corporate world have been busy changing the landscape of the city of Detroit for a number of years now. The Illitchs, Gilberts, Penskes, and the likes have been investing in city property for future development. Obviously, these captains of their own industries are keen investors and would not invest in property or buildings if they were not confident that it would be a great return on investment. Continue reading