Get Ready for Your Journey to Apprenticeship

by Brittany-Leigh Powell –

Apprenticeship programs in the skilled trades are another path to reach your life-long career goals.  Most apprenticeship programs last from three-to-four years. Within that time period, you can get hands-on training while earning a sustainable wage. Yes, you get to earn while you learn, and gain the necessary skills for a meaningful career!

Don O’Connell, Director of Labor Management, Operating Engineers Local 324, talked about the people who can benefit the most from working in the skilled trades. “If you enjoy working outdoors, changing environments and locations, working with your hands, as well as your mind, and creating visual outcomes, then the trades are for you.”

While there are many advantages to apprenticeship programs, you must not forget to prepare for what lies ahead. “Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses are not only good for college entrance, but are also important to enter the trades,” O’Connell says.

Most programs require that you take a general aptitude test, so if you are in high school, do your very best in these classes. If you are out of high school, the good news is there are apprenticeship programs that can prepare you for work readiness and apprenticeship training. They are: will keep you in the loop of all the latest developments with apprenticeship programs like these to get you started on your journey.