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Outside Lineman

Scope of Work: Outside Linemen primarily do the important work of installing and maintaining the overhead distribution and transmission lines that move electrical power from power plants to local consumers such as businesses, homes and factories. They also install and maintain poles and towers, underground systems and sub-stations that are required to power communities. Outside Linemen are often climbing poles or working in bucket trucks, installing or repairing electrical power lines out-of-doors.

Major duties of the Outside Lineman include:

  • Planning and initiating projects;
  • Establishing OSHA and customer safety requirements;
  • Setting towers and poles and constructing other devices to support transmission/distribution cables;
  • Establishing work positions for maintaining and repairing overhead distribution or transmission lines;
  • Stringing new wire or maintaining old wire;
  • Installing and maintaining insulators;
  • Installing and maintaining transformers and other equipment; and
  • In performing these duties, Linemen use climbing tools, hand tools, and heavy equipment on a daily basis.

The most important skills Outside Linemen must posses include:

  • Working on high voltage lines while wearing protective equipment such as rubber gloves
  • Performing CPR
  • Rigging equipment
  • Tying knots
  • Operating a bucket truck
  • Splicing high voltage cable
  • Splicing aluminum or copper cable
  • Driving heavy equipment, vehicles, and trucks


  • Completed Application Form and EEOC Form (must be picked up at IBEW Local Union 17 – see address under “Contact”)
  • $25.00 Application Fee
  • Education Background (High School Transcript and GED documents, if applicable)
  • Copy of your Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or a copy of your Valid Driver’s License along with a copy of your Class A Commercial Driver’s License Temporary Instruction Permit.  Your license or permit MUST include air brakes and MUST be valid
  • Work History

Only Applications that meet the following requirements will be accepted:

  • Include all the required documents listed above. (Incomplete applications will not be accepted.)
  • Submitted in one envelope. (Applications submitted in more than one envelope will not be accepted.)
  • Envelopes must be postmarked from the State of Michigan.  (Applications postmarked outside the State of Michigan will not be accepted.)
  • Applications MUST be addressed to the following address: ALBAT Program, Drawer 17, Medway, OH 45341

NOTE: The first 100 applications, 60 nonminorities and 40 minorities, meeting all requirements will continue on in the selection process.  After we have 100 applications, all other applicants will be rejected and $25.00 application fee will be returned.

Location of Applications:
IBEW Local Union 17
17000 West 12 Mile Road
Southfield, Michigan 48076
248-423-4540; Fax: 248-423-9277

Contact for Additional Questions or Inquiries:
American Line Builders Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee
P.O. Box 370
Medway, OH 45341
Phone: (937)-849-4177 Fax: (937)-849-0592

Open Enrollment Dates: